Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Get Your Princesses to Listen

So, you're little princess is having a Birthday party and she's decided to invite 12 of her closest girlfriends over for the celebration. Let's just say that you need to get the group's attention for an activity/game/cake cutting - we all know how chatty little girls can be!

Here's a quick trick to teach them how to quiet down and listen for important directions:

As your girls arrive, you might want to give each of them a Princess Tiara or Princess Crown as part of the party theme. When you need them to be quiet, tell them that when they hear your say, "Where are my Princesses?" Each of them needs to stop talking and "shine/sparkle" their tiaras/crowns. Each girl should take their hand and move it in a circular motion over their tiara or crown to show you that it's shining/sparkling. This way you will know that they have heard you and are ready to listen for the next direction.

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